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Sharing accessibility suggestions from a blind colleague

October 30, 2012

Hi Class!

I work with an awesome engineering director who is also blind, and he was kind enough to spend a few minutes sharing his personal accessibility suggestions and pet peeves.   He also gave me a demo of his screen reader (YIKES!!!) which he had to slow down about 300% for me.  This is just one guy’s opinion, but I thought I’d share with the larger group.

  1. He has custom commands that allow him to skip from heading to heading, so he likes clear and concise headings that let him know where he is on the page. That is how he navigates.
  2. If you have good headings he sees no reason to do “skip to navigation”.
  3. If you have a pop up with an action needed (click OK to continue) make sure you put it in focus, or he can’t see it.
  4.  Be aware of contrast and colorblindness for visually impaired users.
  5. Pet Peeve: anything that autoscrolls (twitter feeds, etc.). He can’t find the end of it.
  6. Pet Peeve : Sites that auto-play music or video.  He can’t hear his screen reader over the noise.
  7. Pet Peeve: alt text on meaningless images.  If it doesn’t matter he doesn’t want to waste time on it, and he’s even more annoyed that the text is put there for accessibility reasons 🙂
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  1. derek permalink*
    October 30, 2012 5:42 pm


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