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Open source and maps

October 26, 2012

Open source is something I have been thinking on a bit lately, not only for myself as I try to pull away from all the proprietary software I use in everyday life but also for the future of library services as well, as it really embodies the goal of intellectual freedom in the digital sphere.

Looking for an article about open source software, I came across two I liked for this discussion on The first is an article on the library’s role and in some cases failure to embrace and promote open source content. It can be a bit preachy and fails to notice many of the places were libraries do embrace open source, but I included it because it is a good starting point for discussing the library’s role in promoting freedom of information in the digital age.

This timely article concerning open source map projects MapBox and OpenStreetMap caught my attention as we work on digital story projects. I think it is cool there are so many open projects like this out there that we can use that offer the same professional look and usability of proprietary services, without the associated costs—monetary, personal information, or otherwise.

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