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milk jug not milk

October 6, 2012

Just a general comment here on the nature of the final project -most students learn to create content and after the act of creation force that content into a community standard format like APA, MLA or Chicago style.

In our class we are creating the style not the content. In other words we want to focus on the container and not the contained – the jug and not the milk in the jug. After all the milk is poured out there is (in the case of a gallon plastic jug) a very useful container that can hold most any liquid. I water my plants with a gallon plastic milk jug that is many years old as I no longer buy milk now that my children are adults.

When considering the topic/content of your final project keep in mind that I don’t want new research, content or effort on your part: I want a demonstration of your ability to build a web jug/container. It is OK to reuse content from other classes. It is OK to do this on any topic that strikes your fancy. But it is likely more useful for your e-portfolio to do this work in an LIS-related way. Hence, the pathfinder is such a popular container type.

On the issue of cultural awareness: this can always be made explicit by an “about” page that describes the content and for whom it is intended. I will comment directly on each student’s proposal, but if I give a terse who is this for response it’s because it seems to me the audience isn’t narrow enough. Often this will be the result of project that is really a hobby interest of the student (which is great). In that case, think of yourself and the cultural sensitivities you hold dear.

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