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Final Project Proposal: Canning Intro/Pathfinder

October 3, 2012

For my final project, I’m thinking of doing an intro to canning & preserving. My target audience would be home cooks of various skill levels (some prior cooking knowledge, but not necessarily technically astounding) who have never canned and are curious about what it entails and where to start.

There are a lot of great blogs out there on canning, and there are some spectacularly detailed resources, but both of those can be intimidating if you’ve never canned before. This is especially true of the most well-loved resources, which are wildly useful to an experienced canner but can sometimes give off the vibe of “even if you do these 100 steps perfectly you will probably still get botulism and die.”

My goal would be to be sensitive to how much people don’t know about canning and how scary it can be if you’ve never tried it. I would try to make my writing and my design as clear as possible in order to emphasize what’s important and what’s not.

I’d also try to acknowledge that my audience will likely be composed of people in various financial situations, and include canning solutions at a variety of price points.


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  1. blazekj permalink
    October 3, 2012 5:06 pm

    As a long-time CSA member who has seen too much incredible produce go to waste (tomatoes!), and as someone who knows nothing whatsoever about canning, I’m very interested in your project. I’ve always been too intimidated by how intense the process seems to me as a total noob. Hopefully, your site will help me work up the courage to avoid having to eat freezer-burned tomatoes in march.

  2. jnetzloff permalink
    October 4, 2012 8:41 am

    Great idea. I have such happy memories of canning with my Grandmother, but have never dared to try it myself – whenever I read up on it those scary words like “botulism” always crop up and frighten me away. But our grandparents used these methods regularly, and there wasn’t a mass human extinction event, so I bet it’s a lot safer then the literature makes it seem.

  3. derek permalink*
    October 4, 2012 2:09 pm

    sounds groovy

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