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Week 5 Grading Complete

September 25, 2012

Great work from all students this week with some common themes for areas of improvement/learning:

  • The contrast ratio of text to background color is important for both usability and accessibility. There are tools for analyzing this ratio and they are free. See what the goog says when you use “free contrast ratio web page colors tools” as search terms. If I made comments about your banner or footer on this topic, please make an effort to “fix” your student site.
  • A few students used red/orange text in banner/footer regions and this is a no-no for reasons of male red-green colorblindness.
  • I found a lot of target=”_blank” links and suggest one aspect of your work each week is to click every link and look at each page of your student site from a validity POV. A checklist of working process is:
  1. click every link
  2. validate html
  3. validate css
  4. check for spelling/grammar
  5. make sure images appear within boundaries (resize if not and can be done with CSS or with Photoshop)

Usability and accessibility are linked together and I would like each of you to see your work as reaching out across space and time to remote and unknown users. How did you feel when you found a bad site suitable for use in the assignment? Try to keep that feeling in mind as you develop your own site; use it as a cautionary device to guide you in your decision-making.

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  1. Alice Worden permalink
    September 25, 2012 11:04 am

    Quick question: do you want us to remove the target=”_blank” from the links where opening the page in a new window was a requirement of the assignment? If so, is there another way of complying with the parameters that we don’t know about yet, or does it just not matter because the assignment is technically over?

    • derek permalink*
      September 25, 2012 1:38 pm

      I don’t recall it ever being part of an assignment other than the EC from week 2, but no part of an old assignment is ever important after its been graded.

  2. September 26, 2012 11:16 am

    Castro states that “targets are most effective for opening Web pages in particular windows”. I took that to mean that using target can be useful for the user.
    For Week 5 Homework, I used target to open the examples of bad and good webpages. I thought I was doing a justice for the user. I also used target for the Fake APA assignment. Again I thought that a user might want to look at the paper and the references at the same time. If target was not present then they would have to click back and forth to review the information. I personally hate having to use the back bar. If a page has navigational links, like our pages do (Home & Assignments) then the target isn’t necessary. But if I didn’t have target for Week 5 or the Fake APA, the user would have to click through Assignments to go back to review the references just to click back to assignments to view the paper. Right?
    Do you want us to eliminate all target attributes?
    -Sarah Cook

    • derek permalink*
      September 26, 2012 11:18 am

      Yes, please remove. To respond to Castro, the new window breaks the back button and flow of history which is very disruptive to accessibility and usability.

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