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May 4, 2012

I stumbled across this interesting story about 4 blind patrons suing the Philadelphia Free Library for their decision to circulate Nook’s to patrons over 50. The issue is that Nooks are completely inaccessible to the blind, there is no text to speech or braille (obvs.) option.
Anyhow, thought you guys might be interested in it. What to you think? Someone commented that the users ought to be suing Barnes and Noble, not the library, which I thought was another interesting POV. The library where I work as an on-call LA is going to start lending Nooks soon, I think their primary motivator was cost. I wonder if they’ll be changing their minds now.

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  1. sarcisticclapping permalink
    May 4, 2012 7:17 pm

    I do think that if anyone should be sued, it would make more sense to sue the manufacturers rather than the library, but since they can’t (companies don’t HAVE to make their products accessible to the disabled, even though it would be nice of them), I guess going after the library makes sense. That said, why they have to sue at all to get their point across is beyond me. Libraries aren’t exactly rolling in the dough these days, so they won’t get any money out of this, and I have a feeling that if the library is forced to chuck the Nooks, they may not have the money to buy all new ones. I suppose that is one more thing libraries need to consider when purchasing e-readers. Thanks for posting the interesting story!

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