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Perseus Digital Library

April 6, 2012

The Perseus Digital Library is a resource I have used a great deal in the past, but I have never thought about the site in terms of web page design–until now. While there is a wealth of information on the site, it can sometimes be difficult to find and navigate to the precise information I was looking for. Thankfully, site navigation has markedly  improved within the last year or two. In the past, I accessed the PDL simply to find ancient texts and scholarly commentary on ancient texts, as well as images of ancient artifacts. Now, thanks to the LIBR 24o coursework (as well as the MLIS classes in general), I’ve been looking at the site through a different lens. The PDL is not just a trove of historical texts/images and modern scholarly commentary, but is also an active and living source of information and knowledge regarding digital repository creation, digital history and historical scholarship in a digital age. Not only is the PDL using coding technology, the site strives to further the training of people working in the crossover field of coding and history. The front page of the site mentions that the NEH Institute for Advanced Technology in Digital Humanities is offering a 3-week “Working with Text in a Digital Age Seminar,” complete with such technological topics such as TEI markup. Interesting enough, the new generation of historians also includes a new generation of coders!

Robert B.

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