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validity issues week 7 homework

March 9, 2012

A note to all students about the form response page and validity: I will not deduct for non-validity as the code I provided has many CSS errors. Specifically the rows of the table have this:

style=”text-align:left; border=1px solid black;”

when it should be:

style=”text-align:left; border:1px solid black;”

Also, to reiterate the use of PHP requires us to declare an HTML DOCTYPE on senna. HTML 4.01 does not allow a ‘/’ in an empty element like the <img /> we normally use in XHTML, so you need to create a different include for the pages that use HTML rather than XHTML if there is an image in your banner for example.

My apologies if anyone got lost in this stuff, but it is not a far cry from the sort of stuff we LIS types do on a day-to-day basis: choose a system and follow it because it is what makes us collection managers rather than hoarders.


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