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Final Project

March 9, 2012


My final project is now based on creating a companion website for a world societies history survey course. The class will cover a time span from the paleolithic era to c.1650 and will be taught at a community college.


For my final project I’m thinking of creating a site that might serve as a useful starting point for critical study of the perennially popular topic of ancient mysteries (Atlantis, Stonehenge, Easter Island, Shroud of Turin, ancient aliens, etc.) There is an abundance of television shows, movies, websites and books that purport to explore the ancient mysteries of human civilization. Unfortunately, many such sources often rely on shoddy logic and a faulty understanding of history, archaeology and science. My twofold purpose would be to provide a short academic-based framework for studying the topic and then point readers toward high-quality information sources that discuss and examine ancient mysteries, as well as the beliefs surrounding them.

Robert Brunelle

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  1. derek permalink*
    March 15, 2012 8:52 am

    Great, a pathfinder for the “exotic ancient mystery” info-seeker. Awesome, just remember to stay focused on the topic and not get lost amongst the Easter Island monoliths.

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