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Final Project Idea

March 8, 2012

     One of my favorite things is fact checking. I like knowing that I know the correct information. unfortunately, it’s often very hard to know who is lying to you, either on purpose or not.

     I’m not sure if any one remembers a few months ago there was a bunch a press about scientific articles being retracted. When an author makes a mistake or fumbles or whatever, the periodical will post a blurb in their next publication, and if you read it you’d know. However, when many of us do our research, for instance on JSTOR, we don’t see if there are any retractions to the articles we are reading. They are never linked together. So, someone may cite a piece of incorrect information and never know about it, or maybe you cite something from the article that is correct, but then because of their other wrong information, it makes your article less strong.

    Not sure how I can put thins idea into a website, I know others already have. If there are any ideas out there let me know.

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  1. derek permalink*
    March 15, 2012 11:53 am

    You could focus on how to find and search for those “BTW I was wrong about…” statements? And identify your audience as collegiate level researchers?

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