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Senna Web Space

February 28, 2012

I sent Derek an email with a few questions about our senna web space. Per Derek’s request, I’m posting the info here as someone else may be interested in knowing this too.

1) Once the class is over, do we lose the web space? Would we need to host our content elsewhere to keep it?
“Your space on senna will be gone at the end of the semester. I use GoDaddy for my domains and hosting services; they are dirt cheap. If you wish to use senna for your eportfolio when the time comes, you can request another user profile at that time.”

2) Do we have a limit on upload space?
“I know of no limit to the amount of space you can use on senna while a student user.”

3) Once our work is graded, can we change our work to correct code or add things (like links)?
“Yes, you can make changes/updates to your student site after grading is complete.”

Also, another bit of info:
“There is a wealth of courses the school offers to extend your learning beyond the scope of this introduction course.  I will be covering that topic near the end of the semester.”

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