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senna sandbox

February 11, 2012

Some messages from students need publication to the class at large:

  • A student’s senna directory is a personal playground for the duration of the course and as such students can upload “test/experiment” files at any time. Don’t be shy about doing other than what the assignment calls for if the mood strikes. Be childlike with this class and play. Have fun and let yourself trip and fall to see how the cyberspace feels when you fail before finally succeeding.
  • Do not upload homework files beyond the homework deadline. There is no magic which prevents a student from submitting a homework assignment and then later uploading a file.  The only indicator will be the time stamp from senna which cannot be altered. After I grade, it’s OK to alter/fix a homework file, but not until that process is complete. We work in an honor-based environment where the only outcome is learning. I would award no grades but I am forced to comply with the university. Forget about the final grade and focus on the process and the outcome will be pleasing because the work will become fun!
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