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week 2 grading

February 5, 2012

Good work this week from students. I awarded my first lol EC for things that made me laugh out loud while grading as well. A couple of small issues arose from the answer to question #4 and that is quite a few students lost 1/2 point for answering only half of the 2-part question. Sir Tim (he was knighted!) not only invented HTTP which makes the web possible, he also uses his considerable clout as director of the W3C to advocate for an open web and that is at least as important as the technical bit: a genuine altruistic fellow. I had a couple of students submit home work links that looked like this:


Not only is this not a URL, it violates the process we are working on: text editor — SFTP — browser view.  If a student is viewing an HTML file on their local/client machine then there’s no point to the Internet. Also, how to grade and assess work sitting on a student machine? Absent a remote viewing talent, it’s physically impossible.

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