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Hello from Sonoma County

January 26, 2012

Hello folks!

My name is Shannon. Although I was born and, for the most part, raised in Oregon, I have been living in Santa Rosa, California for about five years. I just started my fifth semester and hope to graduate this December. As one could deduce from last night’s (recorded) lecture, my tech skills are quite limited. So, with little natural talent to go on, I hope to learn a lot this semester about building a web site. In fact, this semester seems to be rather tech-heavy, between 240 and 281: Metadata. I strangely excited and think it will be really worth it.

As most of us do, I don’t often think anything is too terribly exciting about myself, or so I like to believe. So – please forgive me – I borrowed someone else’s idea of what they thought unusual about me. In 1980, my family lived in Centralia, Washington, which is northwest of Mount St. Helens. I don’t remember the actual day of the enormous blast on May 18th, but I remember a smaller eruption a week later in which Western Washington was littered with ash. I have a recollection of my father and brother shoveling ash off of our roof. I remember thinking that it looked like snow. Also, my father is a stream ecologist and was one of the scientists working in the blast zone after the eruption, so I grew up hearing a lot of stories about both his and other scientists’ experiences. Out of this was born a deep fascination with volcanoes, in particular Mt. St. Helens.

I look forward to working with everyone in semester! Enjoy!

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  1. shenriksson permalink
    January 26, 2012 5:17 pm

    I’m up in Sonoma County a few times a year. My boyfriend and I love going to Bodega Bay for a weekend–my aunt and uncle have a house up there. ❀ Sonoma County πŸ™‚
    Cool story about Mount St. Helen's. I got to visit the visitor's center once when I drove through Washington. The area is beautiful. πŸ™‚

  2. derek permalink*
    January 28, 2012 3:06 pm

    Just to reiterate what I said in other comments: this work isn’t about talent or having some mysterious “techiness” quality, it’s about attention to detail and patience. Both qualities can be developed with practice and therefore anyone can do this.


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