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week 11 grading

November 9, 2011

Two things of note when grading and both deal with the EC:

  1. The SLIS home page is fine from a WAI/508 coding perspective and uses hidden “skip_nav” links to provide alternative navigation. This is obscure to sighted users and confusing unless you load the page with a screenreader. For the EC I was looking specifically for the use of the word “link” in the title attributes of the navigation links.¬† Screenreaders will say “link” and read the title, so “link” is redundant.
  2. The hover:pop-up images exercise needed to use two sets of images. Both high quality but of different sizes. Small files for the thumbs and large files for the “pop-up” to view. I awarded partial credit for any attempt at this but only those students who used the dual file approach earned all EC. BTW: this a technique we will use for designing mobile style sheets in an upcoming assignment.
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