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“JavaScript Error: holyHandGrenadeAntioch is not defined”

October 12, 2011

That’s the message I looked at for a few hours the other night while working on the Week 8 homework. Of course, the error means I don’t receive the awesome pop-up window instructing which fields in the form still need to be completed (i.e., the object of the assignment). The error also is not particularly helpful in pointing out what the f is actually the matter.

After staring at the relative links I had added to week8_valid.php and form_student2.php for hours and hours, I still couldn’t find out what I had done wrong, so I went to bed. The next day I looked at it all again and still couldn’t find any issues. Then it hit me.

The easy part of this week’s assignment was to add a new folder to our directory and name it “javascript.” I had accidentally named my shiny new folder “javasript.” Not the same thing.

Anyway, I doubt this has happened to anyone else, but I’d bet a few of you have had similarly frustrating typos, missed hash-marks in your URLs, etc. that have caused you hours upon hours of frustration. I can relate.


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