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week 6 grading

October 5, 2011

Mostly very good work this week as it seems everyone is in the swing of things. A couple of points to keep in mind:

  • The “rearranging files” aspect of the assignment meant that a student should put image files in the images folder, assignments in the assignments folder, etc. Quite a number of students simply dumped all the files into the assignments folder so that links wouldn’t be broken via the move.  I applaud the deviousness here, but point out that this makes it worse going forward as the file structure will become more Byzantine over time…and in the meantime the student hasn’t learned to hunt down and fix broken linkages between source files and output. No one lost points over this issue, but in the coming weeks I’ll grudgingly deduct points if this stuff persists.
  • There were many failed attempts to create a pseudo class link rule and the reason they weren’t successful was the requirement for the rule to only work in the navigation column of the student site. The way to make it work (simplest) would be to do:  #main_right a:hover {rule} assuming the main_right div is where the navigation links reside.
  • I cannot stress how important it is to READ the instructions for assignments and submit a link even if it is unfinished! This week’s homework earned 7.0 points simply by me looking at source code and inspecting the student web directory–even if none of the code worked and none of the z-index and table work was complete.

What bears repeating at this point of the semester is that your “homework” is ONE assignment in 14 parts. A lot of students fall into the mental construct of valuing the milk rather than the jug. We are like the potters who fill a jug to see if it leaks and then toss out the liquid after the test.  We make jugs not the stuff the jug contains. How important is a line of code that says “Hello, world!”? Not very, but creating a home for that line to live out its days is important.

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