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Justine’s Final Project Ideas

October 3, 2011

I was helping an older gentleman on one of the public computers at the library the other day and the only way he knew how to create a document was typing an email. He was confused when he couldn’t print it without all the extraneous info.
So I imagined a website that offered basic, specific steps for completing a task in one frame and the tool needed in another frame. Various options would be in a nav bar on the left. I have seen tutorials but it seems most people just need to know how to do it at that moment, not why it works or what exactly they are doing. So that’s an idea.

Another idea is following up on a topic I became interested in last year: a virtual international authority file, now being researched by OCLC. How does it work? What concerns are there? How might they be addressed?

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  1. October 3, 2011 7:21 pm

    I really like your user-friendly tutorial idea. I used to give one-on-one computer lessons to beginning computer users at my library–it was the first time I realized how hard it can be for someone who didn’t grow up with a family computer to learn the most basic web navigation. Parsing websites is second nature to most of us: we know what to expect when it comes to links, menus, images, drop-down boxes, videos, etc. But when you are struggling with just directing the mouse to the right place and don’t know a live link from a static image or plain text…the challenges can seem insurmountable.

  2. derek permalink
    October 13, 2011 11:23 am


    My feeling is that the first suggestion (HOWTO) is more workable and less likely to get you bogged-down in research. I built a web-tutorial on how to use Ebsco for my LIBR 210 course and used it in my e-portfolio.


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