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week 5 homework

September 27, 2011

Everyone seems to have made the transition to a homogeneous look and feel and that’s a big deal. There were some common mistakes this week in that not every page of every student site had a uniform layout. For the most part the issue was the week 3a and 3b pages.

Let me remind everyone that going forward I will expect each student to complete any changes I suggest by the next time I grade. And on that subject, remember that you will get an email from my server when I complete the grading each week. I suggest looking in a SPAM filter if you have not been getting these messages.

Some common things to keep in mind going forward:

  • The footer should have padding to expand the apparent region. This creates visual symmetry with the rest of the layout.
  • Having each and every assignment linked in the navigation column is not appropriate as that real estate will soon be used for other purposes.
  • The ratio of contrast between foreground and background of text is hugely important. Many students (if not most) have opted for a nearly invisible scheme where information is lost. This may be a result of my aging eyes, but as the whole world is rapidly reaching geezerdom, I contend it’s up to the designer to account for me.
  • Long pages need an internal [TOP] link so that when the user gets to the bottom there’s no need for scrolling, which I dislike due to my natural laziness.
  • Make sure any image that contains information also has the appropriate alt/title information so that screen-reader software can relay the content.

As usual I’m enjoying the personalities on display and encourage all to have fun and experiment.

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