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grading week two

September 11, 2011

More good news on the grading front: most every student has “gotten it” and is on the way to success.  There were two ways to get EC this week and quite a few earned EC for an anchor opening in a new window or tab. First thing to understand is that an anchor is what we call a link. The “a” in an <a> element is short for anchor. An anchor can link to any point in any publicly available document on the Web. This is why Sir Tim is so important. Most students conflate “link” with endpoints; the <a> is the endpoint, the link is the brilliance of the technology/idea. On the subject of the mysterious course site on 2 separate domains, the answer is an <iFrame> element which allows me to host my course site on a server in Arizona through GoDaddy but make it appear on the server in San José. The easiest way to answer a question like this is to “peer under the hood” and have a look at the source code.

Go to and click “view source” on your alt-menu to see the method.

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