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Relevancy Alert – Web Designer Job Description Excerpt

September 2, 2011

Often times I sit through a class and think “What’s the point of this? When will I use this in the real world?” Sometimes when I get in that mode, I space out and miss out on the important stuff. Then I get into a situation where I wished I had paid more attention to course content.

The following is an excerpt of qualifications for a Web Designer job in the financial industry that I recently came across: “Extensive knowledge of: … HTML, CSS, JavaScript and XML* Ability to code in WC3 standard for cross-platform as well as across different browsers*…

I thought this was interesting given what we are working on in this class. Looking at the weekly lessons in the near future, we’ll be hitting the HTML, CSS, JavaScript and XML. I thought it was also interesting that this job description included a reference to WC3! This is an example that what we have learned in just a short time already is applicable to gaining skills that will help us get jobs. This is exactly what I am hoping to get out of this class and this program. I worked for a bank where I became a “catch all” with very little training. Basically, the people in charge assumed that I could “figure stuff out”. By the end of my tenure with the bank, I was part financial reporter, intranet administrator and information security monitor among other duties. It was nice to have the confidence of my employers, but at the same time I just kept hoping stuff would not break under my watch. Now as I go through this program, I am just trying lay a foundation where I can feel confident going back out into the world of the employed.

The nice thing about taking technology courses is that we are gaining skills that are transferrable. Simply meaning, regardless of whether we end up employed in the LIS field, the technology stuff we learn will translate into other areas of employ. Even if some of us do not wish to go into web design, it will still be a skill you can list on the ol’ resume. Anyway, sorry to ramble. I just got a bit excited to see that I seem to be making the right choices in some of the direction I am headed and just thought I would share. Good luck everyone.

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  1. derek permalink
    September 2, 2011 5:32 pm

    Hi Shawn,

    This is a great post. If you read the recent trends in LIS employment posted in career pathways on SLISweb you’ll see that many jobs need LIBR 240 skills without having the word “librarian” in the job title. What you will learn in this course should be useful immediately.

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