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Fall 2011 Goodfoot

August 22, 2011

Hi students!  Hope you all had great summer and are ready for a challenging fall LIBR 240 experience. I know I am. Part of the first week’s assignment is to post to this blog; that post should answer 4 simple questions:

  1. How many many units have you completed toward the MLIS degree.
  2. When do you expect to graduate.
  3. What sort of programming/web development experience you have (if any).
  4. A fun factoid about you.

This blog will serve us in multiple ways:

  1. Technical support.
  2. Water-cooler.
  3. Discussion forum.
  4. Some assignment requirements.

Of course to post to this blog you’ll have to send me an email address. This email address has to be the one you used to setup your WordPress account.

A reminder, get an account here:  please note you don’t have to get a blog, just the WordPress account. Also note that this is and not which are two different things. The *.org entity is actually separate from the *.com organization.

On the topic of email addresses, everyone needs to have a Gmail account as well as a WordPress account. This is so I can share documents with you without resorting to non-secure email accounts. If you can please setup your Gmail and WordPress accounts with the same email address that would be easier from my end, but not required.  I Look forward to meeting you all in Elluminate and helping you along the road to greater technical power.

Fun, excitement, and competence–a great combination.


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