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Welcome Spring 2011 Students

January 26, 2011

Hope everyone had a great break; I did. Here is some general information about the course which may be helpful in the early going. Some of this is a repeat from the prep PDF on the support page.

Everything happens in one of four places:

  1. Course site is where all assignments, grades and course materials are found.
  2. Elluminate is where I will make technology demonstrations every Tuesday @ 7pm PT.
  3. This blog is where I post on topics of interest to students (I recommend subscribing to it with an RSS feed which is very easy to do).
  4. ANGEL is used for email and message boards only.

Technology demonstrations are always 7pm on Tuesday night (no flexibility here). Some useful information about these sessions:

  1. Not mandatory.
  2. All are recorded.
  3. Course can be completed without attendance.
  4. Demonstration is not lecture.
  5. I will show how things are done by example.
  6. Questions are for natural breaks or end of session.
  7. I may ignore students while coding.
  8. Students should have read materials and attempted assignment before demo.

My philosophy of teaching is to make students learn for themselves by doing; if a student can do specific tasks without understanding what they mean, then success is assured.  Getting caught in a need to mentally grasp every action is the source of a lot of procrastination. I do everything I can to short-circuit this tendency. Often times I will be purposely obtuse in order to cause the student to try again or simply put more effort into the task.  This leads to a pet peeve: many questions are already answered in the course materials, so make sure you have read everything I provide before seeking assistance.

Later in the semester all students will become authors of this blog. It would be a good idea to subscribe via RSS and search some of the posts of past students which are all still here.

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