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December 12, 2010

I did not post to the initial request to have project approved. I only posted to the blog one time. Somehow, I was filled with dread every time I thought about the blog. It was ridiculous but very powerful. In my defense, my mom had a mild stroke and my sister spent two months on bed rest before giving birth to very tiny twin boys who are doing well. It is their one week birthday! I did the project on children’s services at my library , thinking that a really accessible interface would be great for young families. My form wouldn’t show up. When I checked the view source, the page would only display code until it got to the header. The path was bad, but I couldn’t figure out how to do it. I spent about 10 hours on it, but nothing. The form page from weekly assignments does work and references the files a level up. Oh well. Thank you, Derek. I had absolutely no context for this class, but I do have some now.

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  1. Charles Folk permalink
    December 17, 2010 6:25 am

    Wow, congratulations to your auntitude, and I hope your mother is doing well. The JavaScript was tricky, and in fact I wasn’t able to make the script check that my menu entry option was actually entered. Shhhh. Don’t tell Derek, I removed the code that was supposed to check the menu entry and I’m hoping he’ll assume that I intended to leave it out. Oddly, in the four or five hours I spent failing to figure out why it wouldn’t work (okay, more like seven), I actually learned a great deal about JavaScript syntax. I wish now I had had time to start from scratch, so that I would (hopefully) have been able to figure out the error.

    I really loved this class. I ended up taking three tech classes for the Spring 2011 semester (PHP, Database Management, and XML) because it was so fun to toy with code. Actually, I’ve realized that I can’t afford to take everything I want to take at SJSU, and I plan to take some tech classes (javascript, ajax, c++?) at the city college here in San Francisco as I take the more specialized SJSU classes. Sorry for rambling, but I wanted to suggest that sometimes it will take a long while to troubleshoot your code, and in the real world, you’ll be able to post it for others to examine and comment on. Don’t be scared, we all want to help each other.

    I hope I see you in future classes, and good luck with your degree and career!

    Charles Folk

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