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My Third Second Life

November 28, 2010

This was the third time I’ve installed Second Life on my computer! Every time it has been required for a course (as a new student in LIBR 203, and then again as a peer mentor), my husband does a ton of griping about it taking up space and wants it uninstalled the second I finish the class. And every time I have an excuse to install it again I’m kind of happy about it. I really do enjoy it, but I also have that feeling that several others have mentioned — “I should be walking around in the REAL WORLD, rather than doing yet another activity that keeps me sitting on my butt in front of a screen.”

I already have so many interests that keep me parked in a chair for hours; I don’t really want to get addicted to Second Life and add yet another hobby to that list. I could definitely see me getting hooked on it if I wasn’t careful… I like playing with different appearances and clothes, I like flying, I even like that little thrill of wondering if some weirdo will come along — there’s something awfully fun about the thought of socializing where I could turn off the interaction at a second’s notice, should I so desire!

I also really respect the idea of a platform like this for people who can’t get out much in real life, whether because of a disability or other reasons, to be able to move around and socialize more freely. For that purpose, I’d love to see something similar but with a less clunky interface developed.

My guess would be that eventually open source tools will be the answer to more fully realizing the potential of Second Life, or some other similar immersive environment. I’m sure something like this will be really huge someday– I just don’t think Second Life is it.

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  1. clementmunns permalink
    December 6, 2010 1:34 pm

    SL is definitely the Atari of its kind.

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