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Second Experience of Second Life

November 26, 2010

This is my second experience with second life. The first was over a year and a half ago when I took LIBR 203. I enjoyed my experience more this time than the last time, but I still don’t see myself spending much time there. I played a lot of video games when I was a kid, but now I feel that video games are mostly a waste of my time. I perhaps unfairly lump second life into this waste of time category. It’s like a video game with no narrative and no rules.  I think it’s kind of cool that people all over the world can log on and have real time interactions and I must say I enjoy the fact that you can fly. I am very pressed for time in my real life right now and I could not push those thoughts aside while I was spending time in Second Life. I kept thinking about all the other things that I needed to get done. I would like to have been more in the moment while spending time in second life, but I found myself thinking that I didn’t have enough time for this.

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