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Second Life

November 25, 2010

I enjoyed the experience in Second Life. First, I had to learn how to walk and learn the basic functions such as how to sit, fly, jump, and move my mouse around properly.  I also had to keep popping the right url in so as to not get lost.  I found myself walking in different directions and soon getting lost from the required destination.  I learned to change clothes and hair and that was pretty exciting because you really can’t play around that much with that idea in real life, so I got to see myself in different ways.  I really liked that.  I enjoyed my time with Derek.  He made me feel very comfortable and provided helpful guides in how to utilize the different objects he gave me.  Derek gave me a basic particle braclet, freebie gesture 1-5, ultra rave role, and 5 Linden dollars.  I wasn’t able to make the t-shirt for the assignment because it required 10 Linden dollars, so I was a little disappointed.  I did build the object however, and I enjoyed doing that because it was pretty simple, and there were a few different shapes to choose from.  I built a red ‘cosmic cake box.’ I also teleported myself to another place and found a few people communicating with each other and asking for help from each other.  It was a good experience.

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  1. clementmunns permalink
    December 4, 2010 4:34 pm

    Great, I’m glad you had a positive experience.

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