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Week 6….huh?

October 5, 2010

So, this week contained more “what the…?” moments from my end than I can quite fathom.  All I can say is I must really suck as an instructor. Again, no order of importance assigned to this list of things to think on when completing the assignments:

  • “Exactly” means exactly when I use such a word. Over a third of the students had non-compliant home folders and lost a point needlessly.  The only things allowed in the student HTDOCS folder which weren’t in the picture are “php”, “javascript”,  and “final_project” folders as those will all be required in the near future. A surprising number of student sites contained an “old” folder which I specifically said to put in the “assignments” folder.
  • If you did not receive an email invite to be an author on this very blog, it means that when I tried to add you using the email address you provided in week 5, it didn’t work. Again a large number of students fall into this category. > 25%
  • Use of the pseudo classes for EC was well done for the most part, but to get credit the properties had to be applied only to those links in navigation column.  The easiest way is #main_right  a {…} but some students did more complicated things.

Now, this is just me ranting (but maybe you all can see it from my POV); inspect the code in the image below:

how does this happen in week 6

I have failed as an instructor

So many students did this that I started to get depressed and stopped counting.  Then I saw a discussion board thread talking about the placement of the header image and how an enterprising student used {margin-top: -3em;}  to put the banner image in “the right place” instead of down in the content and how that “solved” the problem.  Yikes!  Radical jiggering of the CSS is ALWAYS A BAD SIGN that some piece of the jig-saw puzzle has been forced into the wrong place. Kudos to the aforementioned student for being public on the problem because a great many peers suffered the same problem.

Finally, if the columns and content in the CSS jello layout are all out of whack it is certainly because the student has erased a closing </div> partner during a copy/paste action.  This is why the code highlighting and folding of Notepad++ and TextWrangler are so helpful; use them.

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