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Week 4 Post-Mortem

September 21, 2010

Some things to note:

  • Never use blinking text in the real world…thought I’d have a grand mal fit!
  • Deep-linking images is generally frowned on so don’t do it on your site.
  • Quite a few students left the enumeration default for the ordered list.
  • Both CSS and HMTL need to be validated; CSS validation is especially helpful.
  • Attention to detail is paramount! More follows.

To paraphrase a question from the opening weeks.

Are: < style>  and < /style> the same?

They are not and they are both wrong for having a space between the opening angle bracket and the beginning of the element name.  A lot of errors this week stemmed from this sort of simple mistake.  What’s more: the validators will generally give rather incomprehensible error messages but not in cases like this as they will give a line number and a red pointer to the code in question. Lastly, when making a markup typing error Firefox will highlight the mistake in red if you do a “view source” on the page in question.

My impression is that students are trying to do more at once than is possible; do the smallest steps and no mistakes are made. Do lots and trip over an angle bracket where the ground should be.

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