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First Week Assignment Redux

August 30, 2010

A few items to review after grading assignment #1 (no particular order of importance):

  • Submit/un-submit submit process is independent of the due date; you want to be done messing with the submit thing before the assignment is due…because if you undo an assignment, it isn’t turned in…is it?  The submit process places a time stamp on your homework, undo erases that time stamp.
  • At least four students didn’t get EC for the image for the exact same reason: using scr=”some.gif ” instead of src=”some.gif” for the source attribute of the img element.  This is a great illustration of the level of detail required to make this stuff work.
  • File naming protocols are sacrosanct in this work. The reason is file names become part of the URL and are case sensitive. The protocol I prefer is all lowercase, no spaces and no punctuation in a file name. Several students used src=”Picture 5.png” as the name of the image file for EC but you might have noticed I named the file “screencapture.gif”  (following my own protocol but also to indicate the content of the image). I can’t stress enough how much this means when files begin to multiple like mushrooms in your site.
  • This naturally leads to a discussion on extra credit (EC); I will never dock points from a student for attempting EC that causes some other part of the assignment to tank. I reward effort and like to see failed effort more than realized effort because it means the student was reaching and that is a sign of commitment to growth.
  • I am a nitpicking old crank when it comes to following directions. When the assignment says “HTML content exactly like that demonstrated in the Elluminate session” I mean exactly. The ability to follow directions blindly when you don’t understand why will get positive results before the understanding can be had.

All that said, every student did well and we’ve got a good start on the semester.

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