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Second Life

August 6, 2010

This is my second encounter with second life, my first being in LIBR 203 in the fall of ’08. I can see how people could get into it, but I really have to say that it isn’t my thing. Unlike most people my age I have never really liked playing video games and have never dipped my toes into social networking sites. This isn’t because of any disapproval of those activities, I’m just someone who feels much more comfortable in the physical world and Second Life has always seemed like a marriage between video games and social networking sites.

About the experience: I found the interface for changing the appearance of the avatar a little clunky and hard to utilize. Walking around and exploring the world is probably my favorite part of second life. I really don’t have much interest in meeting other people there, though… but maybe that is just my anti-social ways surfacing.

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  1. clementmunns permalink
    August 9, 2010 8:46 am

    Wow, two SL loners in one class. What are the odds? FWIW: I like flying alone in SL way up above the surface; it pleases me greatly.

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