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My first adventures in Second Life

August 2, 2010

So, I actually ended up enjoying my time in SL last night more than I had expected to. I met up with Clement, Adina, Rad, and Spartan and did some walking around, chatting, and attempts at flying and sitting (still haven’t figured out how to sit!). At one point, I left the group and explored the area and stumbled upon the Stanford Libraries, which was kind of cool.

That said, I don’t necessarily think that I’ll be spending much time in SL in the future. It’s interesting, but it still seems so much a novelty to me. It’s fun to go around as a totally different person than I really am (I made my avatar much different than my real-world self), but I don’t much care for the SL environment. It’s so desolate feeling, which I discovered while exploring, and the quality of graphics really don’t help with that aspect.

Perhaps if I get better at maneuvering in SL, I’ll come to feel more positively about it, and I’m definitely glad I got the opportunity to explore it in this class since I hadn’t managed to do so up til now. But at this point, I’m not exactly overwhelmed with SL’s potential as a truly useful tool.

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