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How Digital Storytelling Builds 21st Century Skills

July 10, 2010

This article ( is great to read coming on the heels of having spent a somewhat frustratingly long time creating what I feel is a mediocre digital storytelling project. By that, I mean that I have a great appreciation for the work that creating such a video entails. This article, in short, discusses why digital storytelling projects build and/or enhance a variety of skills that are considered essential today for children, young adults and adults alike. Children that participated in digital storytelling projects, for example, demonstrated proficiency in technology and non-tech related areas such as interactive communication, interpersonal skills, personal and social responsibility, technology literacy, and curiosity, creativity, and risk-taking, among others.

The authors also argue that young adult participation in digital storytelling projects, especially when they involve the creation of games to facilitate the telling of the story, enable a connection between teens and librarians that would otherwise be more difficult to cultivate. Adults who participate in similar projects are able to learn new technology that will keep them relevant and competitive candidates as job-seekers and within the community in general.

Overall, this article is rather helpful in providing the librarian with a variety of contexts in which digital storytelling projects can serve as a useful platform for information and technology instruction.

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  1. July 10, 2010 11:48 pm

    Hi Sara,

    Before I comment, I just noticed that you have your digital story set to private setting so I could not view it. Just change it to public and you should be fine.

    Great article. I was really glad we did the digital storytelling assignment even though Windows Movie Maker was one clunky piece of software to use (no moving images effects as found on iMovies) and I spent a whole night soothing the clunks (fitting the images with the VO, etc.) I thought it was well worth it. I also agree with the article’s vague admission that digital storytelling may simply be a sign of the times, that in order for today’s youngsters to be engaged in conversations with librarians it would have to be done via technology. Every Sunday I see kids and teens coming to the library and approaching the infodesk and have no idea what question to ask or how to ask it, but give them a smart phone or a keyboard and they’ll type away like there’s no tomorrow. Interactive communication skills are important but so are interpersonal communication and social skills and I just hope that today’s youngsters will recognize the importance of possessing the latter.


  2. clementmunns permalink
    July 12, 2010 10:48 am


    Nice work; one comment that goes for everyone: when posting a link in WordPress or ANGEL, use the little icon for formatting a link (looks like chain links) to increase usability.


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