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Ka Yee Chiu’s Final Project Proposal

June 28, 2010

I am currently the distance education services library intern at Chapman University.  So far, I have had to read a lot of documents related to distance learning, and especially the ACRL Standards for Distance Learning Library Services (2008). This has been a useful tool in seeing the connections of what the standards are and how the library is fulfilling those standards.

There are external links to documents and such, I could provide (ACRL, ALA), I will be creating and editing libguides, film editing with camtasia so the multimedia component will be there.  I think I can offer valuable information on instruction services.

I will have to think about what to put on all those pages, and as the weeks continue at my internship site, I am sure I will have more information to post and to share.

Any additional ideas would be excellent!

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  1. clementmunns permalink
    July 6, 2010 9:15 am

    Ka Yee,

    The content of your internship is definitely good subject matter for a project; I would go through the posts of past students to see if some format of presentation is workable for this information.


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