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May 7, 2010

I had some initial problems with second life but after obtaining  some free hair, I started to get used to the controls and roamed around a bit. (did any of the guys obsess about their hair?) It was incredibly difficult to change my appearance, the free stuff from SJSU certainly helped.

I’ve never even played a video game so the controls were not cumbersome to me after a while.  The tutorials helped with changing my appearance and how to take a self-portrait in front of the fountain.  But I didn’t explore outside the SLIS area after getting through Help Island.

I’m sure I will go back to SL and explore more islands.  The capability of attending a SLIS class in SL is certainly interesting, and the tutorials in the career center were also helpful.

I attended a seminar a few semesters ago on special libraries and one of the speakers used SL quite a bit.  She had a severely disabled son and the only social life she had was in SL.  I’m sure for many people this is the case.

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