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Second Life Adventures: Embracing your Inner Geek

May 7, 2010

So this was my second attempt to use second life during the SLIS program, and I have to say I enjoyed it much more this time. Probably because I was less perplexed at its real purpose. I even got a friend to join in the process, which helped make it a little more fun to explore around. I gained more controlled the longer I messed around with it.
At first I keep the preset hair and clothes, but after completing the extra credit t-shirt, I went for a whole makeover to make my Avatar look more like me. My hair isn’t perfect (yet), but before I had long blond hair, which is the complete opposite from what my hair really is like.
Building was fun too, I created a sculpture that look like a Bauhaus inspired piece. Yellow, blue, and red in the three basic shapes. However, I had a hard time searching for the right “school”. In the end the Builders Brewery was the most impressive.
I’m going to admit it — (don’t judge) I liked Second Life and I can see why some people enjoy it. Its not totally for me, but was fun to give it a second chance.

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