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Agreed. SL – PASS!

May 7, 2010

I was looking forward to exploring Second Life especially going by the description. I have to agree with a few other bloggers here that it’s well worth a pass.

It looks and feels and runs like a basement project where the technology in the basement hasn’t been updated for some years or decades even. Navigation is jerky and very slow to load and catch up with the keyboard and mouse. Honestly, I think it is a waste of time unless a full team of the world’s best video game programmers decided to REALLY REV it up. I am extremely biased since I grew up playing video games from PONG to Oregon Trail to King Tut’s Typing to the original Nintendo (complete with Target Gun and Olympic sports pad – oh yes!) to the original Warcraft and now my lovely Wii and PS3. And I love RPGs. (role playing games, if you didn’t know the abbrev.)

Even if you never were much into video games but maybe played any version of the Sims once, you’d still be disappointed. SL is far too slow and heavy and clunky. The graphics are pretty sad and the music – really? You have the computer game of Myst as your top level example of a RPG where the graphics and music are equally stunning and haunting. (if you haven’t seen Myst – oh my gosh, just walking around is amazing! The virtual world created is beyond beautiful.)

The idea of SL was very interesting, especially since the “meeting room” in the Student Center building with the potential of uploading a Powerpoint presentation means you could literally have a virtual meeting.  But really, why?  Teleconference and Video conferencing make this totally a waste of time and frivolous.  Can you imagine top corporate execs creating avatars for a meeting in virtual business land?  I can’t and if they did, they’d all deem it too slow and a waste of time.  This idea would never be funded by an investor.  I am disappointed.

My favorite thing about the whole experience – flying. Except there was nothing to see view wise – cause if you went too far up, everything below and on the horizon disappeared. 😦

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