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Future Prospects of Second Life

May 6, 2010

I really like the idea of Second Life as a concept, really really like it! However, the implementation is a bit on the janky side. Perhaps, though I’ve read some articles that state it’s really hard or even impossible, Linden Labs will be able to rebuild their engine to better accommodate modern computers. A greater draw distance, less popup of geometry and textures, and having more people able to be at one place at once would contribute to a smoother/more enjoyable experience. Still, it does do some things right.

It does do enough in the visual department to enhance the chat experience. It is also neat how the different islands are all so different. It’s very rare to find that much land to explore in a relatively cohesive digital world. Although something like World of Warcraft is probably comparable, it is not really at all user generated. I’ve created 3 accounts over the last five or so years, but they always get too bogged down with new costumes and stuff so I just start over. The Second Life viewer 2 looks like it may have a better inventory system, but I would like even more control over the interface. Poking around the system files I found some stuff about skins, so I wonder if they affect the interface, or just the look of it. Maybe I’ll try it out sometime!

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