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The jury’s still out

May 5, 2010

My first time using Second Life was during LIBR203, and I haven’t revisited it until this past week. This time I redesigned my avatar (Ruby Breadbin) and tried to get a little more comfortable maneuvering through the Second Life world.

I found the whole process of getting used to turning around, running and panning around to be pretty difficult. Sometimes I would try to pan around the scene and would accidentally run away instead. I used the instructions I found in the SLIS space for making an object. I ended up creating a pink, zebra-striped hollow cone. It was fun changing the appearance of this, from wood paneling to zebra-stripe.

I never found flying around Second Life by myself to be very fun, and when I was practicing in the SLIS environment before the class meeting, I would find it awkward to approach random people to say hi. But during Wednesday night’s meetup with Derek, it was really entertaining to meet my classmates and communicate with them. I still find Second Life to be rather clunky, but given the right group of people, I think it can be a pretty interesting experience.

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