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Second Life Adventures

May 5, 2010

I have to admit, this time around I had some fun in Second Life.  It was fun to interact in real time with my classmates and I was even able to use the chat feature with Ali aka Lady.  It’s also interesting to see what kind of avatars people choose.  Lame me, I made my avatar similar to me: short, brunette, in flip-flops.

My biggest complaints with Second Life are how clunky it is visually and the absolute disconnect between the keyboard/mouse movements and what’s happening onscreen.  That said, I did enjoy making the object.  I thought the interface was pretty easy to use considering how darn complicated moving and adjusting your POV is!

After this experience, I could see myself using this for virtual meetings or something along those lines, but not for recreation.  I have too much to do in my first life.  And I still don’t understand why the library world in particular is promoting Second Life as much it seems to.  Is it just me or does the library industry seem to be putting a lot of stock in Second Life?

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