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(Mis)adventures in Second Life

May 5, 2010

Considering I am nowhere near figuring out first life,  it was pretty much a given that I would have difficulty in my Second Life. Hence,  my (or rather) Kimberly Mistwalker’s first experience in Second Life was quite a tumultuous affair. She ended up trapped in a hedge with a unicorn, naked, and forced to listen to bad 80’s music. Thankfully no was around to witness this embarrassment. After resolving this issue (largely due to my antivirus software), she began to explore the world Second Life. After playing around in Second Life for a couple days, I can definitely see why someone would find this system an enjoyable experience. Here you can be anyone you want. If you’re in to BDSM, there’s an in character environment for you! One is able to express themselves in a safe and anonymous manner. Apart from lifestyle choices, Second Life would be beneficial to someone with disabilities. I can only imagine how useful this program would be for someone who couldn’t walk or couldn’t go outside. I admit that I am a fan of WOW and D&D (and no I don’t live in my parent’s basement), which may sway my position on RPG’s, however; I think if you give Second Life a chance, you will find at least one enjoyable aspect of this program!

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