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Second Life Experience

May 4, 2010

I did not have much experience with Second Life before starting the program at SJSU. It had never really interested me, any game that integrates in game purchases and integrates real money into their virtual game, almost instantly deters me. Most likely because, If I start the game or virtual app – there goes my money.

So I have explored in Second Life, for previous semesters and visited the cyber-punk and steam-punk areas of Second Life and it truly is amazing what some people have done with the program. It is awe-inspiring the creativity that is shown in almost every item that is created.

What I have enjoyed most about Second Life is interacting with classmates, whether they were in a current class I was taking or even in other SLIS classes. I have had fellow students proudly display their creations, and the ease of meeting/communicating is what I have found most interesting . Visiting Clem in Second Life and all my fellow class mates in our group photo was fun I have to say. Thanks everybody that was there.

I have to say that the Second Life viewer is either really flaky or it just doesnt like me running folding@home while running it.

I am not sure if Second Life is going to continue in the future, although it looks like they still have a good number of users, you never know when a new replacement is going to pop up.

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