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Second Life Adventures of Electra

May 4, 2010

According to recent posts SL (Second Life) is certainly not garnering a lot of praise.  I’ll agree there are more than a few  frustrations to be had for those new to the technology; nothing like trying to get a piece of clothing & ending up with your avatar wearing a large wooden crate.  Setting aside the frustrations there are some good points to SL.  It has the ability to bring together individuals for meetings each from various locations and time zones – all without cost & time for travel.  Our meet up and photo op with Derek in world illustrated this point – I’m in San Diego, Derek in San Clemente and classmates from all over the US.  SL allows individuals to be creative, taking on a persona different from their daily life.  In fact those who wish to conceal their gender, race, disability, and even voice (via modifiers) are able to do so with SL.  Phoning someone or meeting over Elluminate (sans webcam) is not the same as using an avatar with voice (either SL voice or Skype while in SL) – it provides a different interpersonal dimension.  Just my two cents.

Having not be in world with my Mac – I was very pleased to find the new viewer much improved over my  dinosaur pc.  More intuitive, less lag, better graphics = better experience.  Unlike many in the class I found my avatar intact and awaiting to wear her newly created  SJSU SLIS LIBR 240 t-shirt.  Creating the shirt was a bit of fun as I’d not imported items into SL before.  Building and experimenting with shapes and textures in SL was also a newer experience – as it has been over a year since I’d attempted to make anything SL (prior experience was frustrating).  I managed to make a celestial body with a ring like Saturn (Planet Electra).  I also did a brief stint shopping for some free clothes – I’m a shoe freak in RL and SL – who can pass up free heels and sandals.  I also picked up some new bling – gratis of course!  I even did a bit of modifying of some of the texture on the pieces – making one necklace pink from its original stop signal colors of red, yellow, green.  If I had more time on my hands I’d like to try SL voice once again – to see if its improved.  It used to be spotty at best.  I’m sure I’d find this improved too making using SL more effective (no need to type).  Electra has been grounded for SL for a while in order to finish off the semester.  SL was nice but a time-consuming distraction for her.

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