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SL Overlap in SLIS Coursework

May 3, 2010

No fault of Derek’s, but SL seems to be well covered in other web related classes offered by SJSU. Or, it could be that since I am in my last semester, I am encountering very similar assignments dealing with very similar tasks and content. Here is a post from last summer’s Web 2.0 L246 course with Prof. Kroski, which is a blog post about my SL experience. The blog post answers a slightly different question but the assignments were very similar.
A year later my feelings have not changed about SL (at all). I feel that SL has some very unique qualities and it could potentially be a front runner for exciting virtual internet experiences in the future. However, I already spend quite a bit of time in virtual worlds on my gaming console (I am 36, male, the prime demographic for computer games, and not embarrassed to admit to enjoying it). With modern video game experiences I am able to choose a dynamic world, design my character, and do amazing things (I can also interact with live humans if I so choose). These dynamic virtual worlds that reside on CDs and my 360 hard drive cost more than blockbuster Hollywood movies to produce- and it shows.  Granted SL and video games are two different things, but after experiencing next-gen gaming -SL feels like you went backwards in time and technology to a world that doesn’t do one particular thing- really that well.
I appreciated Derek’s mini-lecture in SL and acknowledge his valid points about what users can do in SL that they may not be able to do in real life or even on static web pages, but to me it is not a place that I would want to spend any of my free time (and it sounds like my peers won’t be spending their free time there either).
If you are at all familiar with Star Wars maybe you will grasp my comparison-if we imagine the internet is the universe then SL would be the Outer Rim.

“The Outer Rim is the outermost part of the explored portion of the galaxy where it is isolated from other worlds. Because it was isolated, it became a breeding ground for criminals. This region was free of imperial control which allowed criminal lords like Jabba the Hut to have free rein. “

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