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A lot more fun with other people

May 3, 2010

This is kind of a stream-of-consciousness, as-it-happened kind of post:

  • The new version of the SL viewer: I’m a pair of eyeballs and a shoe.
  • Troubleshoot for an hour, fix it, but still bald.
  • Realize: you have to pay for things in Second Life?!? How much is a Linden Dollar worth, anyway?
  • Where can I get a hairstyle? My own hair is horrid.
  • <obsess about hair for 2 days>
  • Oh, just use someone else’s hair style! Must be free. Still haven’t figured out Linden Dollars.
  • Take picture. Can’t get avatar’s head to stop moving.
  • Read about how to move in SL. Controls are different than in August when I took 203.
  • Figure out movement, take picture.
  • Try to fix hair again.
  • Try to get free hair. Go into some weird rooms. Forget it, use free prim hair.
  • Have no sense of direction.
  • Time to meet Derek. Where is Derek? How the heck do I find people?
  • Fly around for 10 minutes. Landscape keeps expanding.
  • See Derek on the list of people close by.
  • Needle in ever expanding haystack.
  • See guy with Buddha Bubble bubble maker on his head.
  • That’s gotta be Derek.
  • Meet Andie, Oahn and others. Worried about my hair.
  • SL is way more fun with other people.
  • Still can’t figure out hair. It’s just not “me.” I don’t want to miss represent myself.
  • Don’t want to build anything. Maybe I’ll do the extra credit instead of building something…
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  1. dianavp permalink
    May 3, 2010 2:17 pm

    Dear Theresa

    Thank you for the post. I am still laughing. I was bald for awhile, but when I finally figured out hair managed to loose my feet. It took a bit to get it all together. After fiddling around couple of days with the hair thing, I found some in inventory and dragged it kicking and screaming to my head. It was easier making the flag than doing the hair and feet thing.
    Here a the link for making the flag.

    and here is a link that might provide assistance with your “hair difficulty”

  2. jurisfiction permalink
    May 6, 2010 10:17 am

    I know, right? Isn’t hair awful here? I feel like it would be easier to just go get my hair cut or dyed or something. When you factor in all the time agonizing about it, it’s probably cheaper too.

  3. Theresa permalink
    May 6, 2010 3:46 pm

    Yes, it is awful! I can’t figure it out. For some reason I’ve got a pony-tail like thing growing out of the back of my head! Why?

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