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My second life experience

May 2, 2010

Even after spending some serious time playing around in Second Life this past week for our assignment, I’m still not sure I really “get” Second Life. I just don’t understand what exactly people do there, or why they prefer it (at least some of the time) to real life. This is not to disparage it at all, I just don’t think I understand it, or that it’s really my style. Still, I am curious and interested to hear from someone who loves Second Life. My experience this time around was actually much better than my first go with Second Life, for LIBR 203, when I ended up with an avatar with breasts and a beard and just had a generally difficult time getting shim to do anything. This time I enjoyed the class I took on learning to build and the other tutorials. I felt more in control.

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  1. October 24, 2010 7:58 am

    To me, it’s just a party of my real life (as they call it). It’s just another internet app like windows live (msn) or wordpress or other other app I use.

    Yeah there are tons of freaks out there who take second life as really a “second life” for them, which is really stupid. It’s good, fun…not a game…it’s a virtual world…maybe taken way too seriously by people…it’s like a 3D chatroom, where you can do lots more other stuff…

    But going for job in second life, is a real waste. as it’s actually taking up hours of your real life. instead, you can work in RL in that hours and earn real money…a fraction of which can be used to buy l$ if needed…i just go there to chat and make friends…the other feature are cool too, unless someone takes it way too seriously…like most people there do…

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