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Hey! You’ve got a nice…

May 2, 2010

Second Life. Certainly an interesting topic from what I’ve seen so far from my peers. I did a lot of exploring today –  a lot of grimacing at the computer – and managed to complete several aspects of my assignment for this week.

This was my first entrance into Second Life. I was familiar with it only through SLIS promotion from the last couple years. What I did know about it was mostly confirmed through my experiences. When I first logged in, we had to do a graphic card update before I could do anything. If I was alone, that would have thrown me since I’m not totally up with downloading drivers – my drivers were good as of late 2009. But it got fixed. Moving in second life was a bit frustrating simply because of slow processing/hashing of the system. This had me in the water, in the pit, and in walls more than once.

I was the girl who loved dressing up her Barbies, so messing with the avatar appearance was fun for me…once I figured out a few tricks. I was bald for a while, and all ready to rock that as my look, but I had to log out and log back in, and sure enough…my hair came back. Getting to teleport to SLIS was challenging, but once I got that, I found the builder island also.

From my experience, I see Second Life as an entertainment software/interface/community. Fun to play in, place to build a ‘community’ of like minded people, time killer, RPG opportunity. But I don’t see it’s role as an interface for real life commerce or education. The technology is beyond many individuals and inaccessible to many individuals – especially when there is real world alternatives. We already do distance learning, in a format and interface that works great. Pushing students into Second Life to experience the same interaction isn’t time or resource effective. Also, not everyone can afford the graphics to run the program. We’ve talked about accessibility in this class before. Second Life doesn’t offer it in the way that an education/business environment should.

So Second Life has it’s place. I don’t think I’ll be back, despite the fun of world/self building. While I was in Second Life today (total of 3 times, probably 5 hours total) I ‘witnessed’/overheard a possible fight between two avatars, including the phrase ‘bitch, get out of my way’. Were they kidding around? Who knows? And before I even got out of Exploration Island, in the first hour of being in Second Life, I got hit on. Some dude in a backpack sidled up to me (when I was bald, thank you very much) and said Hey. When I didn’t respond I got a ‘You’ve got a nice butt’.
Yeah, I can get harassed in real life, I don’t need to go to Second Life for that.

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  1. jurisfiction permalink
    May 6, 2010 10:10 am

    Crazy harassers are everywhere…

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