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Fly in. Touch traffic cone. Look at pixelated shoes for ten minutes.

May 2, 2010

To me, Second Life is an unnecessary, time-consuming extra layer of online labor – far more a recreational rather than an educational tool. I have zero interest in creating an alternate, fancily decorated version of myself to mingle and “meet” colleagues or peers in cyberspace; I cherish my (physical) anonymity online. I’m also a words person -– to get information, I subscribe to multiple discussion lists, use advanced online searches, and do my own research. I can read and scan a page of text far faster than I can find information in Second Life.

I’ve spent most of my evening teleporting among various badly drawn and tawdrily designed locations, tapping traffic cones while looking at pixelated Doberman turds or fake breasts or ads for things I’ll never need (the University of West Scotland? Red stilettos?).

Maybe this is a generational gap, and I just want all those damn virtual kids to get off my damn virtual lawn. But if I want to fly around the world, I’ll hop onto Google Earth. If I want to see a lecture, we have YouTube, or even the much-maligned Elluminate and ANGEL. If I want to learn more about SLIS, I can click on the links at the official site. If I want to share information and interact in real time with my peers, there’s Google Documents and iChat and Facebook. Why would I want to download some clunky program that made me reset all my visual parameters, and doesn’t even run in a browser window?

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