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Short on cash? Try Flash

April 9, 2010

Since we are still technically college students, regardless of how many of us have full-time jobs already (full disclosure: not among that number), there are those of use who are doubtlessly short on cash. Whether from student loan debt from the baccalaureate degree in the past or the rent and car payments of the present, money is a scarce resource in these times and it would be downright foolhardy to allow the necessity of a photo editor to punch a hole in your budget. Enter: Aviary.

With a full suite of image editors as well as a new audio editor, Aviary gives the penurious user the ability to alter images and sound without having to resort to expensive software with the added benefit of being able to edit the images anywhere at any time. Being saved on the Cloud, your images are not succeptable to the problems of hard drive failure, or forgetfulness. Though obviously not as fully-stocked as Photoshop, the amount of tools you can get for free is rather astounding.

Note: With it’s crusade against Flash, the Apple iPad will most likely not work with the Aviary suite of tools as it has abandoned flash entirely in favor of HTML5.

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  1. April 9, 2010 10:46 pm

    I’ve been reading so much about iPad and Apple’s disdain for Flash. I find it kind of fascinating…this corporate fighting.

    Anyway, Aviary looks like an interesting option and alternative to Photoshop. I bought Photoshop for this class & am glad I did. However, I barely know how to use it and hope I can get my money’s worth in the future with it. Wish I would have know about Aviary beforehand!

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