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Online CSPAN Video Database

April 9, 2010

Relatively recently, CSPAN has started providing access to all of its archived content for free online. I think this is a pretty cool service. Say what you will about the excitement of CSPAN (haha), but honestly there is a lot of really neat content here. Whether you want to view and old inaugural address or view an old episode of the various shows discussing books (there are a lot of great episodes of these), it’s all there. One of my favorite video game sites even did a retrospective on the 1993 video game hearings. It really helped me remember why my dislike of Senator Lieberman is justified (I have a similar problem with Tipper Gore, but that is music related maybe I’ll go back and watch those hearings).

I think this is a wonderful example of the government working for its people and providing them with a service that they deserve. I hope more government entities contribute to this movement of public access and transparency so that people are really able to view the workings of their representatives easily and effectively.

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  1. litbrarian permalink
    April 9, 2010 3:23 pm

    Having access to older footage like this is key to remembering why we feel the way we do about certain issues. I mean who can really be expected to remember what one congressman/woman said four years ago that caused the ire we still feel at the very sight of them? If nothing else, good ammunition for political arguments. Haha

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